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Searching for a leader!

The Evangelical United Church of Christ is calling the individual God has selected to join our church family as pastor. We are seeking a friend to interpret the scriptures as they apply to our daily lives and to our church life. We know our church’s mission is broader than our home at 10th and Elm Streets, and we look forward to being a church for everyone. With a tradition of extending an extravagant welcome to everyone, we open our doors and our hearts to all members of our community.

To accomplish this we need a strong leader who knows how to bring people together as we embrace new opportunities to grow. While we’re rooted in tradition, we’re open to new ideas. We welcome the individual who will keep us growing, who will keep us giving and who will keep us doing. We welcome the individual who will help us put our faith in action.

This is a full-time position. The starting salary is $47,250.00; this includes housing and utilities.

Additionally, we provide health insurance, social security, Medicare and pension.

We are seeking a pastor who is an effective teacher and communicator. We are seeking someone who possesses strong leadership skills and uses those skills to impact change and growth. We are seeking someone who is an effective administrator who can manage the church while using time wisely and efficiently. It is important to us that our pastor includes pastoral care to those in care homes and those who are shut-in.

Although our worship service might be traditional, our thinking is not. EUCC’s ministry includes weekly worship, missions, fellowship, music and all levels of education. We look forward to our next minister helping us grow these ministries and explore new areas, too. Additionally, as we embrace being an open and affirming church, we seek guidance from our new minister to help us realize this belief.

Importantly, our next minister will help us grow and diversify our membership all the while

encouraging active participation by current members.

We envision a minister who helps us put our faith into action for the betterment of our community. To that extent we seek someone who will help us learn and live God’s word. We need someone who will inspire us and motivate us and challenge our thinking. We need someone who will champion us and urge us to do more.

We want to strengthen our community-centered, caring congregation. We want to apply what we experience in church on Sundays and bring it into our week. We feel called to be relevant and to reach out. We want to invite those in need of a church home to join us. At the same time, we want to prepare the way for our future.

The Evangelical United Church of Christ is a faith-based community. We approach our ministry and management as a community rather than as an organization. We work together to shape the faith of our members and of those we reach in the community through ministry and mission.

Our service is traditional with a feeling of warmth. We use the UCC hymnal and follow a similar

pattern to weekly worship: gathering, readings, sermon, offering, prayers and closing. Hymns are sung throughout the service. Special music is also involved, too - whether that’s from the church’s bell choir or from local musicians.

Congregants of EUCC deepen and broaden their faith by being open-minded to the ideas, opinions and concerns of all God’s people. All persons are invited to join in our journey of faith.

We often talk about our mission beyond 10th and Elm Streets - that’s because we believe our mission is bigger than our church’s walls. It’s also because we know our church is not a building - it’s us, a group of people striving to be better, striving to grow in Christ and with one another.

Because of our life of faith, we support one another, we strengthen one another and we challenge one another. Ultimately, we grow with one another. We’re looking for our next minister to be the church with us.

For more information about this position or to apply, contact Wayne Kruse, search committee



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