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First Fridays--Open to All!

First Fridays are open to all! Come to enjoy fabulous food, amazing fellowship, and a sense of renewal to start your month. First Fridays are always on the first Friday of the month starting at 10 am in the church basement.

History of EUCC First Friday

First Friday coffee has made a positive impact on the community. Creating a space for people to come together, share a cup of coffee, and enjoy each other's company is a wonderful way to foster connections and combat feelings of isolation.

The history of First Friday highlights the power of small acts of kindness and the ripple effect they can have. Initially, church members made casseroles for those in need. As they were talking, they identified an opportunity to support the shut-in community by initiating the First Friday coffee. Simple gestures such as this planted the seeds of what grew to be connections with people who need connections the most. One of the most loyal First Friday participants was a person who received a casserole.

This initiative has grown over time, with many church members and the community contributing to its success. The monthly themes and variety of foods add a special touch, making the gatherings even more enjoyable for participants.

Community initiatives like these not only provide a reason for people to come together but also create a sense of belonging and support. Efforts like this have made a significant impact on the lives of those involved, fostering a stronger sense of community and connection.

Many thanks to Bill & JoAnn Walcott, Patti Larkin, and many other church and community members for their efforts with First Fridays!

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